Conference: Digital plans for the Social and Solidarity Economy

15 NOVEMBRE / 14h-18h
NIMES - Le Colisée, l'hôtel communautaire de l'Agglo de Nîmes
Share your experiences and discuss new models of social and solidarity economy for our territories and discover answers to accessibility in digital. Three themes will be discussed during this day of exchanges: The first panel will focus on digital Open Data plan serving SSE enterprises and present the program of CnCress (National Center) serving Cress (Regional Centre of SSE) through the regional plan of ​​SSE actors directories, in collaboration with INSEE. The second panel will address the area of ​​search, ownership and digital social practices in local-global changes. We will provide answers to the question of what future for cooperative services platforms concerning territorial or sectorial solidarity issues related to shared private data, new collaborative methods and public open data? Finally, we will exchange during the third panel about digital culture as a space for creativity and social utility with a focus on digital accessibility and accessibility of the digital to enable the e-inclusion of people with disabilities or to vulnerable populations.