Game Industry

16 NOVEMBRE / 14h30 - 16h30
Montpellier - Le Corum / Montpellier
Organisé par : IDATE DIgiWorld

More than ever before, video game industry news is opening up to topics that concern telcos, technology providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, Internet giants and R&D labs. This edition of the Video game track will offer a chance to dive into these cross-cutting issues that involve both video game sector players and players in adjacent sectors.
Virtual reality is an emerging market, but what conclusions can we draw about its development one year after the first headsets were released? Artificial intelligence is a core area of focus for manufacturers in a range of sectors. And video games are making full use of the latest advancements in both. So where are we today in terms of AI’s impact on video games, and its ability to meet expectations in other sectors? 5G is being heralded as a significant leap forward in mobile data speeds. What will this mean for the video game sector when it comes to services, content and gameplay? eSports are booming. After the development of professional leagues, can betting be that far behind? What role will it play in this truly singular economy?