What are the impacts of Artificial Intelligence?

18 NOVEMBRE / 10h-12h
Montpellier - Le Dôme
Organisé par : Innovation3D

The third wave of Artificial intelligence fueled by GAFA and  triggered by strong AI and Transhumanist movement has produced real accomplishments in natural language processing, artificial vision and automated driving. It also raised discussions, fears and expectations. Will robots and automated applications be better than humans at doing their jobs as they already beat us at games of chess or go? What are the conditions to survive this evolution? What could be AI contribution to economic developement and jobs creation? How education has to adapt programs and teaching method to produce the needed skills? What conditions for sustainable collaboration human-machine? What impact on our industry, cities, brains and environment in the digital transformation ?

Involved in AI and R&D projects for many years, Eunika and Dominique propose to draw a line between reality and fantasy in a quick state of the art and to discuss 7 impacts and other opportunities brought by AI on November 18th.

Registration is free but mandatory.