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Throughout my years of playing virtual soccer, I have always 사설 가상축구분석 felt that quarterbacks were underrated. There is no other position that can match their output when it comes to scoring (yes, including the vaunted running backs). Most people think quarterbacks aren’t worth a high choice because they all score the same number of points. A top and mid-level quarterback and running back are roughly the same in terms of point differential, in my opinion.

Using a regular Yahoo virtual soccer league, I’ll compare the gap between the top-ranked QB and RB and the tenth-ranked QB and RB in terms of virtual soccer points. Peyton Manning topped the list with 356 points, while Aaron Brooks rated 10th with 187 points.

Shaun Alexander was the top RB with 194 points, while Willis McGahee ranked 10th with 127 points. Only 67 points separate the two teams in this matchup. I’ll choose the 20th-ranked runner, Thomas Jones, who scored 97 points because in most leagues there are two runners and only one quarterback. There is a 97-point margin between first and twentieth place.

The running backs not only have a smaller point spread, but they also score significantly fewer points overall. There are only seven more points between the top RB, Shaun Alexander, and the 10th QB, Aaron Brooks. People tend to snap up running backs early for no apparent reason, which explains why their rankings are higher than those of quarterbacks. Warrick Dunn or Brian Westbrook, while still good, are substantially inferior to the top backs if you don’t select one early.

It’s safe to say that the new pass interference rules contributed to nearly every quarterback having a great year in 2017. Keep in mind that the overall number of quarterbacks may decrease next year as defensive backs and officials get used to the new regulations.

The following are the final 검증된 가상축구분석  QB rankings for the 2005 campaign:

It’s not only about the quarterback when it comes to Peyton Manning. The man passed for 4,500 yards and 49 touchdowns last year. His previous career-high in touchdowns was 29, so I doubt he’ll reach that mark again. Nevertheless, his yardage and touchdown totals suggest that he will score at least 40 touchdowns.

A first-round draft pick should be Daunte Culpepper. He had one of the best seasons ever for a quarterback, setting a record for combined yardage, yet receiving little attention from the media. 41 touchdowns and 5100 yards of total offense were his totals.

He could outperform Peyton Manning in yardage-based leagues. With his previous highs of 4400 total yards and 33 touchdowns, he came out of nowhere to have a record-setting season. He’ll be fine without Randy Moss, in my opinion; I feel Daunte improved Moss’s numbers more than Moss did.) Nate Burleson is a solid No. 1 receiver, and he should produce somewhere between 35 touchdowns and 4600 total yards this season.

T.O. and Westbrook have completed their lockouts, which bodes well for McNabb, who should 토토 가상축구분석 be able to match his stats from last season. You can expect more than 3500 yards and 30 touchdowns from this team.

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Trent Green: Despite the lack of wide receivers, he has been consistently excellent for numerous years. The team’s future seems bright if Eddie Kennison can build on last year’s success while Marc Boerigter, a touchdown machine, can overcome an injury and play well. Additionally, Samie Parker might play a significant role in the Kansas City attack. I’m predicting 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns for him this season.

With the return of Stephen Smith, Stephen Davis, Quarterback Foster, and the rest of the squad from injuries, Jake Delhomme should be able to improve on his prior year’s performance. It was a wonderful surprise to see Keary Colbert emerge last year, and his sustained improvement will allow the passing game to flourish. He’s likely to put up 28 or more touchdowns and 3600 yards on the ground.

With the return of Reche Caldwell and Keenan McCardell, Drew Brees may even surpass his season’s total of 3150 yards and 29 touchdowns. Antonio Gates’ return from a holdout has also increased his value. He is expected to score 30 touchdowns and amass 3,300 yards.

As a starter, Tom Brady has averaged 25 touchdowns and 3700 yards over the past decade. Despite losing David Patten this summer, the Patriots should be able to get by without him. It was great to see them re-sign Ben Watson and add Tim Dwight and David Terrell to their receiving corps. You should expect 3800 yards and 25 touchdown passes from Brady, and Deion Branch is a tremendously undervalued No. 2 receiver.

Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt are two of Marc Bulger’s most talented wide receivers. In addition, he 가상축구분석 공유 plays in an offense that relies heavily on the throw. I’ve heard that this year will be his breakthrough year, but I’m not so sure. 4000 yards and 20 touchdowns are my predictions.

Favre’s loss of both starting guards (Wahle and Rivera) is worrisome, but not many people would put him this low. When it comes to offense, this club relied heavily on their o-line, and Brett Favre won’t get nearly as much time in the pocket. Favre, on the other hand, is a tough out, and I’m going with 3000 yards and about 22 touchdowns for him.

Even though he throws way 온라인 가상축구분석 too many interceptions, Jake Plummer still manages to rack up the yards. The 4100-yard and 27-td stat line from last year is tempting in all other formats, even if he isn’t a good fit in a league that penalizes interceptions. I’m going to go with 3000 yards and 20 touchdowns this year because last year was by far his best year yet.